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W-mail change log

Version 3.2.3 - July 2003

  • Code change - Server login errors now reported directly to the login screen so you can see the exact reason why your login failed

Version 3.2.2 - May 2003

  • Bug fix - sessions not transferred correctly if PHP version is less than 4.2.0 and --enable-trans-sid is not explictly configured (yet PHP still reports session.use_trans_sid as enabled)
  • Test scripts amended to detect version and trans_sid correctly

Version 3.2.1 - May 2003

  • Bug fix - bug if register_globals is set to off in PHP settings, message id is not detected correctly when trying to view a message.
  • Test scripts added to the download

Version 3.2 - May 2003

  • W-mail pro only - From the view.php page on viewing a message you now have the option of deleting that message. As speed and content size is important across WAP connections there is no confirmation page checking they wish to delete... it simply deletes.
  • W-mail lite only - Reading messages now supports MIME email formats as W-mail pro did in version 3.1. HTML email converted to plain text, if a text/plain type is available, that is displayed instead.

Version 3.1 - May 2003

  • W-mail pro only - Reading messages now supports MIME email formats. HTML email converted to plain text, if a text/plain type is available, that is displayed instead.

Version 3.0 - February 2003

  • Major re-write. Switched to use PHP sessions rather than include the login details in the query string. Most of the re-usable code moved to PHP classes.

Version 2.3 - February 2003

  • Bug fix to make W-mail compatible if short_tags is disabled in the PHP configuration.

Version 2.2 - January 2003

  • Bug fix for mailbox.php and view.php. Fixes invalid text problems in the subject field of an email. vars.php, mailbox.php and view.php changed, please re-download.

Version 2.1 - December 2002

  • Bug fix for mailbox.php due to problems navigating mailboxes with messages that spread across multiple pages. All files changed, please re-download.

Version 2.0 - November 2002

  • First public release






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