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Product Information

DWodp pro is a commercial PHP, MySQL and Perl powered script for a local web directory.

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DWodp pro

System requirements

  • PHP 4.1.0 or higher
  • Perl 5
  • Shell access (either SSH or Telnet)
  • Perl DBI modules for MySQL
  • MySQL database with at least 2-2.5Gb of space
  • At least 4Gb of free space for the import process (including the 2Gb for the database)
  • 256Mb of RAM minimum (512Mb strongly recommended)

We have provided a number of test scripts so you can see if your server will be able to run DWodp pro. These simple scripts will test that the PHP, Perl, DBI and MySQL four requirements above are met. This will not test if you have shell access, you must determine this yourself.

The ODP database will take between 2 - 2.5Gb of database storage. The initial import of the RDF dumps from the supplied Perl scripts is a time consuming process (anywhere from 12-24 hours depending on your server) and will run up a higher than average server load.

This software is not recommended for virtual or shared hosting or if you don't have permission from your server owner to install

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