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Dominion Web is a UK based new media group specialising in developing low-cost, powerful, web-based applications. We have been designing for the Internet since 1996. Some of our software is free and some commerical. For more information about each product please visit a link below

If you have previously purchased a product from us, you can download it or get support from our Download Area.

Product Information DWodp pro

There are now two versions of DWodp

[ Commercial : DWodp pro | FREE : DWodp live ]

DWodp pro: DWodp pro is a commercial PHP, MySQL and Perl powered script for a local web directory. Using a set of Perl scripts you can import the Open Directory's RDF dumps into MySQL and then retrieve and search using PHP.

System requirements: PHP 4.1.0 or higher, Perl 5, MySQL, shell access (SSH or Telnet) and the Perl DBI modules for MySQL.

Links: Read more about DWodp pro

DWodp live: DWodp live is a FREE PHP powered script which allows you to dynamically insert a pre-populated web directory to your website using live data (powered by Netscape's Open Directory Project, ODP).

System requirements: PHP 4.1.0 or higher.

Links: Read more about DWodp live