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DWmail Notifier

What is DWmail™ Notifier?: DWmail™ Notifier is a Windows application that alerts you when you have new messages in your DWmail inbox. From the Notifier you can also browse the last 25 messages. It displays an icon in your system tray and shows you subjects, who the message is from and the size, all without the need to open your Web browser.

Screenshot of DWmail Notifier

Download Download DWmail Notifier 2.1

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • DWmail version 3.8 or higher as a webmail client

Current Version

Version 2.1 released 10th April 2008

What's new in version 2.x?

Support for the new Software Development Kit (SDK), memory enhancements, support for self signed and expired SSL connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DWmail Notifier

The DWmail Notifier is a Windows Application that alerts you when you have new messages in your DWmail inbox. From the Notifier you can also browse the last 25 messages.

Once you install the Notifier, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically check for new messages at configurable interval
  • See the latests 25 messages in your inbox
  • View multiple accounts
  • Play a a sound to indicate when you have new mail

What do the DWmail Notifier icons mean?

16 DWmail Notifier is connected and working correctly
16 Currently checking for new messages
16 You have new messages in your Inbox
16 There was a problem receiving the file or your login details are incorrect

Privacy and DWmail Notifier

Dominion Web completely respects the privacy of our users and those that use DWmail. When you use DWmail Notifier, Dominion Web and DWmail default installations do not collect or store and personal information beyond what is usually collected by DWmail.

The Notifier briefly stores small parts of emails, through an RSS feed, in temporary memory on your computer. It does not permanently store any data nor does it transmit any data back to us.

How do I configure my DWmail Notifier

These are the steps you need to configure DWmail Notifier:

  • Login to DWmail through your web browser and go to 'Preferences'

  • Go to 'RSS Syndication'

  • Set 'Enable RSS Syndication' to Yes and save. Note down the RSS Hash key (this is a series of 32 random characters) and your user id, you'll need these for the Notifier preferences and also note the URL to your webmail

  • When you first load DWmail Notifier, the preferences window will appear
    On the Notifier settings, enter the URL to your webmail on the 'Configuration' tab (without the trailing forward slash) and then click on the 'Accounts' tab

  • Enter on the default account, 'Account1' a new description to better help you remember this connection, your hash key and your user id, the last two you noted down when logged into DWmail.

  • If you require access through a proxy, then click on the 'Connection' tab and fill in your proxy details

  • Click on 'Save'

Does the DWmail Notifier come with any third party software?

The only software that comes with the DWmail Notifier is the program needed to install the application.

I can't install DWmail Notifier?

You will need administrative privileges over your operating system. DWmail Notifier also requires the .NET framework and Windows Media Player (for the new mail notification)

How do I uninstall DWmail Notifier?

In your control panel click on 'Add/Remove Programs' and select 'DWmail Notifier' and the 'Remove' button.

Can I customise and redistribute DWmail Notifier for my clients?

Yes you can using our software development kit (SDK).






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