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Summary: DWmail is an 'intelligent' Web based email client accessed through a web browser using the PHP scripting language and supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL database backends. You can collect your email simply by entering your email address and password either via the IMAP4 or POP3 protocol. You can check, reply, send or delete your emails from a simple interface.

DWmail does not download and store your emails to a web server, it simply accesses them directly from your own ISP's mail server and sends it to your browser. This means that you can still use your own mail client on your PC as well. However it also gives you the power to manage your emails by using IMAP4 folders and message deletion.

DWmail has inbuilt abuse prevention, folder management, visual html editing tools, template customisation, search tools, attachments, calendar and addressbook and much more. See our feature descriptions below for what DWmail is capable of.


General Features

- Check any POP3 or IMAP4 email account
- Allow connections to any mail server, a single mail server or restrict to a list of domains.
- Automatically guesses the mail server (or the user can define manually their own)
- Delete selected or all messages from your mailbox
- Search the contents of your email account by body, subject, from address, etc
- Connect via POP3 SSL or IMAP4 SSL
- Measures to prevent session hijacking for security
- Supports PHP 4.1+ and PHP 5+
- Inbox caching
- Save your details to make logging in again faster and easier
- Basic RSS news feed reader to keep track of the latest headlines
- Personal notes

Viewing Email

- Supports RFC multipart email guidelines
- Supports the following mail types
  • multipart/alternative MIME
  • multipart/mixed MIME
  • multipart/appledouble MIME
  • text/html HTML emails
  • text/plain text emails
  • HTML emails with embedded (inline) image attachments
- View and download file attachments
- Restrict all HTML messages to display their plain version (if available) or convert HTML to plain text by default.
- View entire source and header information of every email
- Dynamically switch between HTML and plain text versions whilst viewing the message
- View HTML messages with Internet pictures disabled for your privacy
- Send read receipts
- Automatically hyperlink email addresses and web links when viewing plain text emails
- Save messages to your local computer (in original format or as a PDF file)
- Printable versions of emails
- Supports base64 and quoted-printable file and message encoding
- Automatic image attachment previewing and optional automatic resizing
- Clean up potentially 'dangerous' HTML in messages (such as scripting and iframes)
- Supports the 'MIME torture test' from UW
- View message importance
- Download all attachments or each attachment individually as a Zip file
- Read message/rfc822 attachments
- Set or remove message flags
- Subscribe to an RSS feed of your Inbox with optional message body displayed

Sending Email

- Send emails in multiple formats with attachments
  • Plain text
  • Rich text (HTML)
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor (supported browsers: Internet Explorer version 5.5 or better, Mozilla 1.3 or better, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or better, Safari 3 or better)

And dynamically switch between formats when composing. HTML emails sent to RFC MIME multipart standards

- Configurable attachment settings, change the number allowed or turn off altogether
- Embed image attachments directly in the email
- Attach files by entering a URL or by browsing your computer
- Compose, reply, reply all or forward (with attachments) emails
- Standard compose entry fields of: to, cc, bcc, subject, message and reply-to
- Save sent messages (IMAP only)
- Personal and administrator signatures
- Autocomplete on to, cc and bcc fields from addressbook
- Request read receipts
- Set message importance (high, normal and low)
- In 'local mode' use SMTP to directly send emails instead of PHP mail()
- SMTP authentication supported in 'local' SMTP mode
- SMTP HELO and EHLO support
- Save composed messages as a draft to send later on
- Compile email groups based on entries in the addressbook
- Spell checker
- Email account aliases


- Store your appointments, events and reminders in a personal calendar
- Export calendar event in iCalendar format
- Accept or decline iCalendar email appointment requests
- Invite attendees to your appointment and track their status of 'Accepted', 'Declined' or 'Not Responded'
- Choose either Sunday or Monday as your first day of the week for calendar display
- Recurring appointments
- Day view to see all appointments on a specific day


- Add and retrieve contact details from an addressbook, unique to each user
- Export individual contacts using the vCard format
- Import vCards into your addressbook
- Import and export entire addressbook in CSV format
- Create and manage email groups
- Export specific mail groups to CSV or vCard formats


- HTML complete template customization to allow you to intergrate into your site design.

Supplied with three templates

  • Silver (default template) - designed for both pop3 and IMAP connections with folder navigation, addressbook and calendar
  • Silver Frameset - based on the silver design with a slightly different layout and a message preview pane
  • iPhone - designed specifically for access from the Apple iPhone
  • Mobile (Lite) - simple, low graphic, version designed specifically for PDA or cell phone access.
- Many free templates available for download.
- Automatic detection for mobile devices and display a template optimised for that device
- Multi-language and character set support - shipped with English language pack (for singlebyte character sets)
- Users can change their own preferences, such as timezone, compose and viewing options
- Sort mailboxes by column
- Inbox filtering for new messages in IMAP4 accounts. Auto delete or move messages based on rules
- Personal Name when sending messages
- Auto refresh mailbox and check for new messages with optional popup window and sound notification
- Allow user to empty trash on logout
- Reset or restore user preferences


- Move messages between folders
- Create, rename or delete folders and subfolders
- Optionally send deleted items to the Trash folder
- IMAP Folder subscription support, subscribe and unsubscribe
- Automatically save outgoing messages to sent mail folder
- Folder pane tree structure navigation
- Prevent deletion of 'special' folders

Abuse Prevention

- Configurable flood check to set a time limit for sending emails to help prevent spamming (default setting only allows you to send 1 email every 30 seconds)
- Restrict the number of recipients allowed in each email sent
- User's IP address and mail server details sent in the email x-headers
- Optional email spoofing protection. Checks that in advanced login mode that the domain name of an email address exists in the mailserver name to prevent email spoofing and abuse
- Image and audio CAPTCHA routines to prevent automated computer programs from logging in and abusing the service


- Support for MySQL 3.23.x, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x using MySQL PHP extensions
- Support for MySQL 4.1.x or higher using PHP 5's MySQLi extensions
- Support for PostgreSQL
- Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher






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