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DWmail demonstration versions

We have made a number of version with different configurations available for testing (also see our trial page).

DWmail in local mode
Note: Local mode sets DWmail to only connect to a local server, such as a webmail service for your domain

  • DWmail local account
    Version: 4.2.8
    Default Template Set: shipped 'silver' version
    Mode: Local Mode
    Default Protocol: IMAP4
    As this is a local test of an account on our server we have disabled the ability to send emails using this demo, however you can send emails to this account from your own mail software to test it.

DWmail in remote mode
Enter any POP3 or IMAP4 email address and password to test

  • free service
    Version: 4.2.8
    Default Template Set: shipped 'mobile' version
    Mode: Remote Mode
    Default Protocol: POP3
    This demo version shows the mobile interface to DWmail, accessing from an iPhone will automatically display a version specifically designed for the iPhone

Customised DWmail templates
Note: The templating system in DWmail makes it easy to change the look and feel of your webmail
See our template page to test and download many more templates

    Version: 4.2.8
    Default Template Set: customised 'modernblue' version
    Mode: Remote Mode
    Default Protocol: POP3
    This is a free service showing DWmail in action. Feel free to try it.

Notes: DWmail has a limit on the time between sending emails. This is set to two minutes on most of these demonstration versions to prevent abuse of the system.

All outgoing emails will contain your IP address and mail server details in the header and a signature explaining that this is a demo version.

Dominion Web is not liable for the content of any email sent or recieved through this software or the demo version available from this site. Outgoing emails will contain the originator's IP address in the X-headers. Apart from standard server logging and routine monitoring to prevent abuse of our system, we will not log your email details or messages. See our privacy policy for more information.






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