Template Name: header.tpl
Template Type: Global Template
Files used by: All
Description: This template is one of two global templates that is called by every main page in DWmail. It forms everything from the top of the HTML to right before every Page Template is displayed
[mainmenu] Displays the sub-template menu.tpl (or blankmenu.tpl for index.html) Recommended
[folders] Displays the sub-template folderpane_imap.tpl or folderpane_pop3.tpl once logged in. Is removed for index.php Not Required
[copyright] Displays the sub-template copyright.tpl Required in either header or footer (by license agreement)
[header_refresh] Displays a <meta> refresh tag when on mailbox.php Required
[pagetitle] Displays the page title Recommended
[charset] The current page character set Required
[lang] The current language ISO code Required