Template Name: folderlinks.tpl
Template Type: Sub-template
Files used by: All (called by folderpane_imap.tpl and folderpane_pop3.tpl)
Description: Display a link to a folder through the folder pane.
[icon] Folder icon (will be replaced with one of the folliwing: folder_addressbook.gif, folder_blank.gif, folder_calendar.gif, folder_inbox.gif, folder_sent.gif or folder_trash.gif) Not Required
[folderlocation] URL to the folder (usually replaces with mailbox.php except for calendar and addressbook) Required
[folderid] ID of the folder Required
[folderidencode] ID of the folder url encoded Required
[session_append] Standard session variable Required
[foldername] Name of the folder Required
[folderpurge] Displays a purge link for the 'Trash' folder (IMAP only) Recommended
[foldertotal] Total number of messages in the folder (IMAP only) Not Required
[indentwidth] Width of the column of how much this folder should be indented for the folder tree Recommended
[folderclass] CSS class used for the current folder to differentiate between whether a folder has new messages or not Recommended