Template Name: composeattachment.tpl
Template Type: Sub-template
Files used by: composeattachments.php
Description: Displayed when attachments added of viewed on the Manage Attachments pop-up box when composing a message. Includes a form for removing the attachment
[session_form] Standard session form variable Required
[attachment_id] The attachment id number Required
[attachment_pid] The attachment part id number Required
[attachment_type] The type of attached file Required
[messageid] The current message id Required
[messagemode] The message mode e.g. forwarded, embedded, etc Required
[attachment_icon] Icon used for the attachment type Not Required
[iflink]...[/iflink] Conditional variable to check if the attachment can be previewed whilst composed Not Required
[attachment_link] The URL to preview an attachment when composing Not Required
[attachment_filename] Name of the attached file Required
[attachment_size] Size of the attached file Not Required
[ifremoveable]...[/ifremoveable] Conditional variable to display contents if the attachment can be removed from the current composition Not Required