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Dominion Web is a UK based new media group specialising in developing low-cost, powerful, web-based applications. We have been designing for the Internet since 1996. Some of our software is free and some commerical. For more information about each product please visit a link below

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If you have previously purchased a product from us, you can download it or get support from our Download Area.

Our Software Products


What is DWcms?: DWcms is a web based content management system written by Dominion Web Design for our clients.

We can provide a range of content management solutions for your site from simply a template driven site that you edit yourself to a completely databased automated content management system.

We have developed our own content management system which allows template driven websites and instant site editing. You can change the entire design of your website in a matter of minutes by selecting from a range of predesigned templates. You can even change the font colors and sizes from your web browser. If you wish you can allow your users to choose which design they want!

Take a look at a few screen shots below:

The main index page of the editor

Adding content to your site with a visual editor

A close up of the editor

Manage your files and photos with a file manager, upload tool and search.

System requirements: To use this system you must be a Dominion Web Design client with the site hosted on our servers.

Price: Depends on the site we are designing for you. Not all sites require a complicated content management system or a content management system at all. We provide a specification to our clients for their sites and we will detail possible content management options in the document.

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