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FFMPEG Information

FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec, the leading audio/video codec library. FFmpeg is developed under Linux, but it can compiled under most operating systems, including Windows.

The project is made of several components:

  • ffmpeg is a command line tool to convert one video file format to another. It also supports grabbing and encoding in real time from a TV card.
  • ffserver is an HTTP (RTSP is being developed) multimedia streaming server for live broadcasts. Time shifting of live broadcast is also supported.
  • ffplay is a simple media player based on SDL and on the FFmpeg libraries.
  • libavcodec is a library containing all the FFmpeg audio/video encoders and decoders. Most codecs were developed from scratch to ensure best performances and high code reusability.
  • libavformat is a library containing parsers and generators for all common audio/video formats.

FLV Converter for .NET makes use of ffmpeg, libavcodec and libavformat. Additionally if you wish to make use of the watermarking feature you will require a version of FFmpeg that contains the vhook option.

You can download a copy of FFmpeg with vhook support here.

We recommend you place the files so that ffmpeg.exe is in a subdirectory of your application or script startup path e.g.


this.flvConverter1.pathToFFMPEG = Application.StartupPath.ToString() + "\\ffmpeg\\bin\\ffmpeg.exe";







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